Sunday, July 20, 2008

This burning passion

God, you know me.
Every part. Every cell.
Every hope. Every dream.
Every weakness. Every struggle.

I take great confidence in the fact that you know
me so well.
There's no need to hide anything from you.
You see it all anyway. You know it all
before I even know it.

So I am laid bare before you.
Naked. Exposed. Vulnerable
And yet, I'm not embarrassed.
I'm not ashamed.

Because your love finds me.
Embraces me. Covers me.
Holds me. Warms me.
Changes me. Moves me.
Protects me. Blesses me.
Saves me.

I so want You.

I passionately want you.

Sometimes my heart just aches to know you better.
This desire, this burning desire, I can barely control.
You have become the Lover I pursue. I want to find you.
I want to love you. I want to give my life, everything I am,
Everything I have, everything I will be.
To you.

I want to serve you.

Help me to be patient. To learn the lessons I need to learn.
Surround me with others who are like minded.
Teach me to love those that are difficult to love.
Make me kind. Make me gentle. Make me humble.
Fill me with your grace. Fill me with your mercy.

God, let this fire never be extinguished within me.
Fuel it.
Flame it till it consumes me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Psalm 86

"Teach me your ways, O Lord,
that I may live according to your truth!
Grant me purity of heart,
that I may honor you.
With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord
my God.
I will give glory to your name forever,
for your love for me is very great." verses 11-13

Monday, July 7, 2008

The ground beneath my feet

Let the ground beneath my feet be holy.

Let your presence and your love be the fragrance that I wear.

Let your kindness be evident in my eyes.

Let your words of mercy and grace shape my smile.

Pursue Me Lord

Lord, pursue me.

Call my name. Find me when I am lost and I am not even aware of it. Track me down when I've wandered off, thinking I know the right way.

Take my hand in yours and lead me.

Hold my head in your hands and turn my gaze heavenwards. For too long it has hung down in shame.

Embrace the part of me that is wounded, bruised, sore, raw and gently nurse it back to health.

Make my heart tender. Let it pulse with compassion and mercy.

Let me rejoice in my womanhood. Let me teach those younger than me to see their femininity as a gift.

Continue to reveal to me what it is you have for me to do.

Give me an obedient heart.

Pursue me, chase me, like a lover who must find the one he loves.

Fight for my heart.

Whisper in my ear that you love me.

I will respond... I will turn and follow you...I will serve you...I will give you my heart...

I will love you.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Meet me halfway

In light of who you are God,

In light of who I am, ...

Come, meet me halfway and carry me the other half

to where you dwell.

My Wish List

What do I wish for?

I am sure my list would change every day,...maybe every week, at least...
Right now, at this moment in time and space, without giving it too much thought, this is what I would wish for this night.

I wish for my daughter Jodi who is pregnant, to have a healthy baby and an easy delivery.

I wish for my daughter Sandy to have her dreams fulfilled.

I wish for my son Bill to walk into the calling God has for him.

I wish for my husband Paul to know God's counsel more and more.

I wish for my friend Mandy, complete and perfect health.

I wish for my friend Jane, God's peace.

I wish for my mom and dad, relief from pain.

I wish for my church to experience more of God's power.

I wish for my town to know God.

I wish for my friends to know more joy.

I wish for the university in town, more students.

I wish for my business friends, more prosperity.

I wish for my eyes to see beauty in ugly things.

I wish for my hands to touch more.

I wish for my arms to embrace more.

I wish for my mind to understand more.

I wish for my feet to stumble less.

I wish to be more thankful.

I wish for my heart to love more.

I wish to know my God more every day that I live, every day that I have breath.

I wish to give my life without reservation, without hesitation in submission to Him.

I wish I was more Christlike.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Creative Struggle

Sometimes I want to get everything out that is inside of me
and it just doesn't come out right
I carry around such fullness of emotion, thoughts, dreams,
and I just need to release the pressure
Sometimes it just pours out in colourful, beautiful words
other times, it just spits out in ideas and thoughts that are "chunky" and "ugly"
there is no flow
today is one of those days
I wish I had hours to work on it, try to get it going, get it out, - it's half in and half out this semi-created cluster of randomness
it's awkward, uncomfortable - there's so much to process, -
I'm resigned to letting it go for now
there's so many interruptions at the moment,
endless phone calls, visits at the door, pressures of time, "to do" lists
the artist in me wants to shatter all this and just create
and it's just not working right - nothing is coming together well
so the mumble jumble, eclectic ramblings and painful expressions are all that
I can bring out at this point
what a struggle - what a fight
and yet it has to be released so there is room to create more
so the cycle continues

Peaceable Shoes

Today Lord, I wish to acknowledge you as my creator, Saviour, Lord and friend

Please direct my feet to walk in paths that are holy

Please keep my feet from stumbling

Order my steps

Let peace be my shoes that never wear out