Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sink holes

I found myself in a sink hole today. Didn't expect it,
Didn't see it coming. Didn't really know I was in it, till
I looked down and saw that I was covered in mud.
I managed to pull myself out of it, somewhat through
sheer discipline of the mind. But it's effects have lingered.

The struggle I find to continually go forward, to continually
trust, to continually seek after God ... takes a lot of energy.
Spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. I honestly find it a battle.

It means constantly making choices. Will I allow my thoughts to
go down this road? or will I stop them up short and reroute them to
this road?

Will I waste my time doing this pointless bit of "nothing"? or will
I use the time to do the task I've been procrastinating? or will I consider
spending time with someone who needs encouragement? or will I take
the time to pray about someone's situation, like I promised?

Yet, I know that embracing the "better thing" in the long run, helps me, heals me
and makes me stronger. Kind of like going to the gym. After awhile you begin to see
results of working your muscles, burning calories, increasing your aerobic
fitness. It does make a difference. It is worth the discipline.

So, I will continue to wipe myself off, tie up my shoe laces,
set my eyes ahead of me and take the first step.

It's worth the prize at the end.