Thursday, November 19, 2009

Longing for Truth

Truth, I long for truth
No more fooled by random persuasion
No more deceived by by old habits
No more camouflaged by things not authentic
I long to live in truth

Guide me into ways of truth
Grant me discernment in webs of deceit
Give me clarity when obscurity is all I know
Surround me with good friends and godly counsel

I long to walk in truth,
About me
About others
About Christ
I long to live in truth

While I Sleep

Come Father, while I sleep tonight
Sneak into my hidden thoughts, my unformed, raw and sometimes carnal dreams
Speak deeply into my unconscious state -
Place divine secrets within my heart to give me hope
Fill up my empty cisterns with the warmth of your love
Tune my ears to hear the sounds of your love in ways I've
never heard before

Rest my weary muscles, my aching head
Relax the tension in my neck and shoulders from unnecessary worry
Watch over me with care and keep me safe
Keep away the dark shadows that wake me in the wee hours

As I lay down my body, my thoughts, my identity
Breathe on me oh breath of God
And fill me once again, this hallowed night
With your healing love.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Invisible King

God, in his great love, allows us to build relationships and connections with others, that over time shape and form us more into the likeness of Christ. How significant and wonderful the body of Christ fits together. How precious the bonding of our hearts to one another.

God's presence surrounds us - envelopes us and holds us when we can't see him, can't feel him and can't call out to him. He is still there. Invisibly there. But there.

Oh that my eyes could see the invisible. Oh that my heart could love like his. Oh that my thoughts and my mind could understand him, this invisible friend that is faithful to the end. There is no place he cannot find me, no sin too terrible that he will not forgive, no brokenness that he cannot mend.

Oh, this Saviour, Healer, Redeemer and Friend of mine. How can I grow to love you more? How can I follow you when I can't see you? Open my eyes, open them widely, and let them behold you in all your glory.

You are my King and I long to worship and serve you.